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Welcome to Your Life Pass!

Unlocking Your Inner Brilliance, Guiding Your Success

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Meet Yumna, Your Success Coach

Yumna Aysen is an ICF accredited international success coach & a motivational speaker who has a passion for helping people find purpose, clarity, happiness and success. She ultimately aims to help people become the best version of themselves and to create a life that they can’t wait to wake up to and live every day.

Yumna has been featured in Medium (American Media Outlet) and interviewed on national television and on local radio in South Africa including eNCA, The Afternoon Express Show and Cape Talk Radio. She has also been featured in the Weekend Argus and on Bizcommunity.

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Explore Your Inner Resilience, Shape Your Dream Journey with Me

Commitment to your success.

Success isn’t just a journey; it’s a shared journey. Picture me as the wind beneath your wings, propelling you to new heights. Your triumph is not an option; it's my unwavering commitment.

Unique approach

In a conventional world, I dance to my own rhythm, creating a symphony of innovation and human-centricity. Recognizing each person's uniqueness, I embrace a tailored approach to honor each individual.

Empathetic approach

In a transactional world, I value connection and see empathy as the cornerstone of interactions. Acting as a bridge between diverse perspectives, I listen intentionally, solving your challenges and celebrating shared victories.

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Start Your Journey Today

Initial Consultation

Discover your path in an insightful consultation tailored to your unique aspirations.

Speaker Coaching

Elevate your voice with expert speaker coaching for confident, impactful public speaking.

Life Coaching Session

Unlock potential, conquer challenges, and thrive in personalized life coaching sessions.

Executive Coaching

Elevate leadership skills and achieve professional excellence with targeted executive coaching sessions.

Career & Entrepreneurship Coaching

Want a total career change or start a business and not sure where to start?

Dynamic Keynote Experience

Discussing ways I can contribute to your upcoming event as a speaker.


What Clients Say About My Services

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Celeste Sirin

Founder/CEO Employer Branding Africa

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I had the pleasure of meeting Yumi in person when I first enrolled with Toastmasters at the beginning of 2019 and thankfully before the COVID pandemic struck. Yumi has been assigned to me as my mentor and a more committed, professional and loyal individual I could not have wished for. She is more than half my age but has a level of maturity and respect that makes me feel so incredibly comfortable and capable to reach my toastmaster aspirations and goals.

Yumi is most accommodating and always responsive to my meeting requests. She has a great understanding of what it's like to juggle ones own business whilst simultaneously cultivating ones personal growth. Yumi can relate as she is working towards achieving similar such goals of building her own business whilst studying for her MBA.

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