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About Yumna

Yumna is an international ICF-accredited life, business & career coach, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur who has a passion for helping people find purpose, clarity, happiness, and success

From Shyness to Public Speaking Success

I never imagined becoming a public speaker, given my extreme shyness in my earlier years. Ordering food at a food court was a daunting task for me, and I relied on my sister to help. But as a teenager, I decided it was time for a change. I enrolled in a debating class called MUN, and though I struggled at first, I persevered and improved, eventually earning a spot to represent my school in England. In college, I ventured into network marketing, initially terrified of selling, but I pushed my boundaries and became the top-ranking woman in South Africa for the company. This journey led me to discover my passion for motivational speaking and helping others.

My path to public speaking is a testament to my transformation from extreme shyness to self-assured confidence. Starting as a teenager with a debating class, I honed my skills and gained the opportunity to represent my school abroad. In college, I overcame my fear of sales in network marketing, eventually becoming the highest-ranked woman in South Africa. It was during this time that I discovered my deep passion for helping people through motivational speaking and leadership training, igniting my desire to inspire and empower others.

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Finding Hope in the Darkest Times

After leaving the network marketing industry, I fell into a deep depression, battling suicidal thoughts. I felt lost, unsure of my career path, and it was during this bleak time that I revisited my high school fear of "losing myself." To cope, I turned to blogging, vlogging, and public speaking, finding solace and inspiration in sharing my experiences. This not only uplifted me but also began to inspire others who felt similarly adrift and stuck in life. Recognizing this shared struggle, I decided to use my own journey as a platform to guide others out of their despair, offering hope and direction.

Today, my mission is to motivate and coach individuals, helping them embrace a life they eagerly anticipate each day. I've become a lighthouse of hope for those navigating the challenges of life, using my story to empower others to overcome their own obstacles and discover their path to happiness.

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My Talks

Your inner voice is calling

Don’t underestimate the power of your intuition.

We tend to sometimes put logic above the power of your intuition, but in a lot of cases, it’s important to acknowledge that gut instinct - it’s there for a reason. Yes, using logic is vital in making decisions, but sometimes we forget to listen to our intuition. There might be no logical explanation for it, but I have found that it’s always been right if I truly meditate and focus on it. That inner voice within you is waiting for you to acknowledge it. Deep down you know the answers and exactly what your next move should be. Listen to that inner voice because it already has the answers, it’s just waiting for you to pick up it’s call and listen.

Your inner voice is calling, what are they saying to you when you pick up the phone?

First class thoughts VS self sabotaging thoughts

Both first class thoughts and self-sabotaging thoughts are powerful in their own way.

One has the ability to derail you and one has the ability to completely change the way you think, how you see the world, and help mould you into the best version of yourself that you were always meant to be.

Both thoughts - have first class gifts to give you if you listen to your thoughts very closely. First class thoughts are self-empowering thoughts that give you clarity to see the positive in the negative with 2020 vision and help you become the best version of yourself. They reignite that fire within you every single time without fail.

How to successfully ride the emotional highs and lows of being an entrepreneur

Riding the entrepreneur roller coaster is definitely not for the faint-hearted

It's unpredictable, scary, but so exciting and fulfilling at the same time. It allows you to leave a very powerful lasting legacy. There will be many moments where you want to desperately get off of the roller-coaster, but this speech will equip you with ammo that you need in order to anticipate what will happen during this entrepreneurial journey, how to build a bulletproof mindset in order to stay in the game, and using your achievements as fuel for you to keep going.

Even if you don't think you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur - with dedication, patience, and a deep purpose for what you are doing, you can definitely make it as an entrepreneur. It's not easy, but it's worth it.

What Clients Say About My Speaking

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Yumna is an engaging speaker. She captures one from the moment she starts speaking. She has this creativity of knowing how to be herself and using that to her advantage from the moment she starts speaking. This is so capturing that you will not be able to help, but listen to what she has to deliver to you. I've seen Yumna speaking from the beginning and I can only say that she improved tremendously over the years and this is very evident. She not only improved but she is so knowledgeable at the same time. Her talks are relatable as she shares from her own life experiences and that allows one to be able to follow and understand better.

Sanele Mthembu

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If I were to define Yumna as a speaker, I would say that she is inspirational and is not afraid to be vulnerable. When you hear her speak, you always feel inspired. In the speeches I have watched her give when we invite her to speak - she always leaves us encouraged and inspired. I love how she structures her speeches. She always shares a story of her experiences surrounding the topic by bringing in a valuable story of a close friend or relative. The storytelling part gives you a sense of hope that you are never alone. I always enjoy hearing her speak because I know it's either I'm going to get inspired, motivated, or I will get comfort. She is very clear, very enthusiastic, and kind when she delivers her speeches.

Kwakho Solake

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