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I co-pilot with professionals on their life journey so that they can uncover their purposeful leader within

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Welcome to Your Life Pass!


Meet Yumna, Your Success Coach

Yumna Aysen is an ICF accredited international success coach & a motivational speaker who has a passion for helping people find purpose, clarity, happiness and success. She ultimately aims to help people become the best version of themselves and to create a life that they can’t wait to wake up to and live every day. Yumna has been featured in Medium and interviewed on national television and on local radio in South Africa including eNCA, The Afternoon Express Show and Cape Talk Radio. She has also been featured in the Weekend Argus and on Bizcommunity.

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What My 
Clients Say


I had the pleasure of meeting Yumi in person when I first enrolled with Toastmasters at the beginning of 2019 and thankfully before the COVID pandemic struck. Yumi has been assigned to me as my mentor and a more committed, professional and loyal individual I could not have wished for. She is more than half my age but has a level of maturity and respect that makes me feel so incredibly comfortable and capable to reach my toastmaster aspirations and goals.

Yumi is most accommodating and always responsive to my meeting requests. She has a great understanding of what it's like to juggle ones own business whilst simultaneously cultivating ones personal growth. Yumi can relate as she is working towards achieving similar such goals of building her own business whilst studying for her MBA.


Yumi is extremely resourceful and is never at a loss when it comes to guiding, brainstorming and partnering me on ideas for my next speech. Yumi listens, digests, and always returns with remarkable ideas and content. She is tactful in providing constructive input on how and where to improve ones speaking skills and is so generous and forthcoming in imparting her wealth of accumulated digital, marketing and networking knowledge.

Yumi and I share many laughs and have fun with every speech I craft, rehearse and deliver. She provides me with endless encouragement and highlights areas for improvement in order for me to always put my best foot forward. We are climbing my toastmaster’s ladder to success together with us both learning from each other as interchangeable mentor and mentee. I am loving every step of the way.

Celeste Sirin

Founder/CEO Employer Branding Africa


Yumi helped me achieve my business goals in a few months, she has really given me the right
tools to start my business and made me realise that the possibilities are endless. I gained so
much confidence mentally to take the next steps in growing my business, I will forever be grateful
for the resources she brought. I honestly wouldn't be this far with my business without her, every
session was fun and productive I learned so much, I looked forward to every single one of them.
She has a way of making you feel like you're on top of the world and can literally conquer
anything if you put in the effort. She is an amazing coach, my experience with her was a success,
she’s great at what she does! Thank you so much Yumi.

Naomi Zwane

Founder/CEO Minimal Dweba

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Yumna’s success coaching was extraordinary! Six months ago, I was at a very low point in my life. I felt stuck and I felt like my life was not going anywhere. At first, I thought I could do it by myself. I thought I could bring myself out of the misery, anxiety and depression, but the more I tried, the more I felt like I was drowning. A day before I came across Yumna’s facebook life coaching services ad, I had told myself I really needed a professional to help me get myself out of that space. I thought maybe a life coach could perhaps help me.


When I came across her Facebook ad, it was like God had answered my internal cry. Oh my gosh! She really helped me overcome a lot of self-challenges. I know that my fear and low self-esteem was holding me back from accomplishing things. She helped me accomplish my self-development goals and more. She likes to say, “You are the hero and I am the guide.” She indeed guided me to the best version of myself and I have indeed turned out to be the hero of my own story. I wouldn’t have done it without her. She is a great God sent life guide. 

Kwakho Solake

Teacher &

Former President EY Toastmasters


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